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Pitched battles of epic proportions, sand oceans, necromancers performing their rituals, foaming at the mouth… Everything in Blood Ages’ music arouses mental pictures, and for good reason: a story hides behind each and every riff. Death metal certainly, but of the oneiric sort.

The band was born in 2009 in this incubator for metal which Toulouse (France) has become. In 2012 the combo releases its first album, At The Height Of The Storm. Without drawing breath, Blood Ages continues to develop, plays numerous gigs, and rushes to Conkrete Studio (Gorod, Otargos, Loudblast, …) to begin the recording of its sophomore effort, Godless Sandborn.

Its composition has been conducted in parallel with the writing of a novella – each chapter of the latter corresponds to a track of the former. Taking place in a fictional era notably reminiscent of ancient Egypt with its deserts, sumptuous palaces and dark secrets, we follow the steps of Hamza, a young orphan taken in by an order of assassins. In this hostile universe, he’ll know a destiny as glorious as tragic.

The music floats between brutal, incisive death metal, and modern deathcore. The compositions, adorned with orientalist and medievalistic melodies, are constituent parts of the band’s identity. Mythological references are legion, the lyrics conjure up unknown worlds, and the riffs, dark and violent, evoke forgotten Gods and heroic fates.

Through the new allbum Godless SandbornBlood Ages wishes to immerse the listener in a meaningful musical adventure. Godless Sandborn will be released on the 27th of May 2016 on CD digipack and digitally through Mighty Music.


Pat “Billy” Berbié : guitar

Pierre “Peyo” Borali : bass

Michaël Martin : drums

Nicolas “Aniki” Gandolphe : vocals

Augustin Raupp : guitar


“Godless Sandborn” – May 27, 2016








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