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HOG is a metal band hailing from Sweden with Swedish and Danish members.

The music of HOG is as heavy as it is relentless! Based on bone-crunching, intricate riffs and a solid rhythm backbone, HOG has been compared to both Meshuggah and Black Crown Initiate by Sweden’s biggest metal magazine Close Up.

When adding roaring growls with high pitched vocal melodies and switching effortlessly between them… this is where the band makes its’ mark and nails the listener to the floor.

“Arahant” is HOG’s first full length album and was conceived, recorded and produced by HOG.

The band wants complete control of the entire process since DIY thinking is what defines HOG – four driven, stubborn and down-to-earth gentlemen with more than 100 years of combined, accumulated musicianship bringing you a heavy suckerpunch to the groin.

We welcome you all with brutal love to your new metal authority – HOG.


Niels Andersen – Vocal

Fredrik Ljunge – Guitar

Mattias Lundmark – Drums

Ulrik Zander – Bass


“Serpent Coil” (feat. Martin Westerstrand from LOK/Lillasyster))  – Single out April 15th, 2016

“Arahant” – album out June 3rd, 2016





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