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Vicinity is the musical melting pot of band members Alexander K. Lykke (vocals), Kim-Marius H. Olsen (guitars), Pierre-Nicolai H. Schmidt-Melbye (bass), Ivar A. Nyland (keyboards) and Frode Lillevold (drums). The band draws inspiration from classic- or modern prog, rock, pop, classical music, heavy metal or the more extreme metal genres.

Vicinity is following up on the critically acclaimed album Awakening from 2013. The debut album made it to “best newcomer” lists by several webcines and Norwegian national radio (NRK P3).

The new creation, Recurrence, is a concept album that debates the cyclic nature of humanity, both as a whole and at more personal levels, while highlighting both the technical- and melodic aspects familiar to the progressive metal genre.

With Recurrence the band set out to make an album that would be more than just the sum of its tracks, and envisioned an album where the songs would float into each other, and at the very end of the album connecting with the beginning of the first song, making an ”infinite” musical piece, thus mirroring the lyrics.
As before the band wanted to challenge themselves technically, aiming to do better than the last time, but always keeping the songs and the album as a whole in focus. The result is an album comprising six tracks, varying in length from 5 to 22 minutes per track, in the tradition of bands like Circus Maximus, Pagan’s Mind, Threshold, Arena, Haken, and early Dream Theater.


Kim-Marius H. Olsen – Guitar
Pierre-Nicolai Hesjevoll Schmidt-Melbye – Bass
Frode Lillevold – Drums
Alexander K. Lykke – Vocals
Ivar Andreas Nyland – Keyboards





“RECURRENCE” – Album, 2017





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