The Danish sluggish rock/metal band HELHORSE is back with their second album “Oh Death”

Mysterious horses from hel, death poetry from the south and the escape from life! – The Danish sluggish rock/metal band HELHORSE is back with their second album “Oh Death” which will be released September 23rd 2013!

The references are vast and many, when you talk about the Danish rock/metal band HELHORSE.
The band, that was formed out of the backyards and dingy rock bars of Copenhagen, has from the very beginning seen itself as a true bastard,
that refuses to submit to narrow minded genre conventions or pre-conceived ideas on ”how it´s supposed to sound”.

After playing a series of significant shows with bands like Black Label Society and Monster Magnet, as well as festivals such as the Spot Festival, the band recorded their first album ”For Wolves And Vultures”.

With the raw, almost unholy, mixture of dirty metal, punk and classic rock, HELHORSE positioned themselves on the Nordic rock/metal stage as a band to be noticed. As one of Denmark’s biggest newspapers, Information, said: ”Helhorse sounds like the bastard child of Black Sabbath and Black Flag”.

“Oh Death” a new beginning

Wiser, stronger and more focused, HELHORSE entered the studio in 2012 to record their second album. But something had happened and it was obvious for the band that they were at a crossroad. Should they sound even more dirty, messed up and brutal or should they go a different path? The answer was obvious – expansion with no limitations! There was simply to many things to say, to many emotions and too big a universe available between the six members to allow themselves to do the same album twice.

Ballads, punk explosions, heavy, meaty riffs are all aspects on ”Oh Death”, but there is a common denominator. Namely the love of the riff, the good melody and a tight song composition. If you listen more closely, you will hear darkness, a more somber tone, deeper lyrics and a more serious band.

All this is wrapped in a the massive a heavy production of Emil Buss (Grapehouse Studios) and shows a band that is firing at all cylinders and a dense, hard rocking sound that jumps out of the speakers.

After finishing up a full European tour in May 2013 (that included supports for the stellar rock band Kadavar), HELHORSE are ready to release ”Oh Death” September 23rd in all of Europe, through Mighty Music, with whom they have teamed up with yet again. The band has just played the Eistnaflug Festival on Iceland and will embark on the Headbangers Ball tour in autumn 2013, covering Denmark, as well as shows has been confirmed in Germany. Further shows will be announced in Europe later on.

Check out the beautifully filmed “one take” live video to the track “Death Comes To The Sleeping” from the upcoming album on YouTube here .


Oh Death

Release: September 23rd 2013


01. Fuck Art, Let’s Kill

02. Hell Hath No Fury

03. The Seams Of Life

04. The Carnal Rage

05. Red Eye

06. Climb Through Fire

07. Kill Your Self

08. Diggin’ A Hole, Waiting To Die

09. Death Comes To The Sleeping

10. And His Name Is Death

11. Scorch The Earth