Denner’s Inferno


Since 1981 guitarist Michael Denner has been a member of Mercyful Fate until he left the band after the 1996-release “Into The Unknown”.

In the Mercyful Fate break-up period from 1985-1993, Denner was one of the founders of the King Diamond band and co-writer on the two first albums.

Denner has also worked with Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate) several times. In 1991 Denner and Sherman founded Zoser Mez, and in 2002 the two guitarists joined forces and released two albums and a live DVD with Force Of Evil before they disbanded the band in 2006.

In addition Denner has made a lot of guest appearances with e.g. Notre Dame, Saturnus and Volbeat.

No doubt that he’s a legendary guitarist who is an inspiration for the new generation of retro hardrock guitarists – and now he is back with his own band DENNERS TRICKBAG!

TRICKBAG was formed during the summer of 2012. Denner explains:

It came out of an idea I have had in mind for many years – to create a band in the style of all the obscure heavy albums in my record collection, and to find members with the same passion for the hard and progressive rock of the 70’s.

 The plan was to find Danish musicians, but not from the metal scene, this, to make it a fresh and brand new thing. It did not take long to make the wish list of the men that I hoped would join me:

Flemming Muus – bass – who has been my friend since childhood in 1969. A session player with over 100 albums under his belt (Lars H.U.G,.Hanne Boel, etc.) and various soundtracks and documentary films.

Kim Hageman – drums. I have known him since 1971 and I worked with him when we did the Zoser Mez album in 1991. His flair for the genre made him the obvious choice.

Lars Berthelsen (Berthel) – vocals. Also a lifelong Friend, who contributed to the Zoser Mez album. His bluesy and soulful voice fits perfectly to this exact type of music.

Peter Domptorp Hansen (Petse) – guitar. I heard him play with Midnight Blues – the only serious power blues-rock band in Denmark – and thought Yes!!! This man can play with feeling, timing and a wonderful technique. A more modern type of lead guitarist who blends perfectly with my own old school style – by the way also a very good film director/Photographer, a very useful bonus in the band promotion department. 

Everybody said yes when I approached them with this project. We spend some months in the rehearsing room to see if the vibe was there, and it turned out great as I had hoped.

We played a couple of showcase gigs in Copenhagen, was contacted by Target Records and signed a deal. So now the album is here in your hands. 

I’m happy and proud that I’m back with a strong Band and with a brand new vibe.

–       Best wishes from Michael Denner.


Michael Denner – guitar

Flemming Muus – bass

Kim Hageman – drums

Lars Berthelsen (Berthel) – vocals

Peter Domptorp Hansen (Petse) – guitar





“Denners Trickbag” Album, 2013






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