We work closely with magazines such as Rock Hard (D), Deaf Forever (D), Metal Hammer (D), Legacy (D), Orkus (D), Sonic Seducer (D), Classic Rock (D), Classic Rock (UK, Aardschok (NL), Rock Tribune (B), Kerrang! (UK), Terrorizer (UK), Scream (N), Norway Rock (N), Metallian (F), Hard Rock (F), Close-Up (S), Sweden Rock (S), Metalized (DK), Gaffa (DK), Rock It (I), and many more.

In the US, we have our own Mighty Music US office run by Rich Lee, who is taking care of all US rock/metal promotion and who have many years of experience and a big solid network within the US rock/metal press.

If you’re interested in current press material related to our roster, please go to the Artist-pages (link)  or contact  (we’re currently updating the database)