Ethereal Kingdoms


Blood. Gold. Adrenaline. Enter the theatrical metal experience.

Characterized by intense and unpredictable live performances, Ethereal
Kingdoms invite you into the theatrical metal experience.

Intersecting show and concert, the ensemble unleashes a sonic universe with
songs ranging from soaring high notes to desperate screams, nostalgic melodies
to haunting dissonances.

Collaborating with students from The Royal Danish School of Performing Arts,
numerous guest musicians, singers from The Men’s Choir of Roskilde Cathedral
and more, Ethereal Kingdoms strive to experiment with a storytelling-based
metal show format, incorporating theatrical aesthetics that blends and contrasts
with the metal elements, creating a total live experience.

After a 2021 lineup change, the project embarks on an explorative journey to
seek out new sonic experiments and explore the fusion of symphonic music in a
contemporary metal setting. Their 2nd album set to release in 2022.

Since the projects beginnings in 2018, Ethereal Kingdoms has delivered show
formats ranging from intense and personal club show format with just the four
core members, over acoustic experiences, to grand theatrical shows with
guests, special effects and dramatic visuals. Their performances have supported
acts such as Wintersun and Finntroll and have appeared at SPOT festival 2018,
Wacken Metal Battle Denmark finals, Nordic Noise festival and many more.


Sofia Schmidt – vocals (clean/growl)
Mads Nikolai Sørensen – guitars
Jonas Klarstrup – bass
Mads Mortensen – drums




Hollow Mirror, 2019


Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V