Manticora was formed in 1997 by Lars F. Larsen (vocals), Kristian Larsen (guitars) and Mads Volf (drums) – the young guys laying the foundation of the Manticora-trademark sound; hard hitting progressive power metal with both epic and thrash elements. In the early days the band was a foursome but with a round of line-up changes, the band, which includes long-time members Kasper Gram (bass) and Stefan Johansson (guitars) were established as a five-piece.

In 1999 the debut full-length disc, “Roots Of Eternity” was released, and received a tremendously good response from both media and fans around the world. Since then, eight more critically acclaimed albums were released over the following two decades, establishing Manticora as one of the most respected bands in the European progressive power metal scene.

Over the years, the band has played countless tours and has stepped on the biggest festivals’ stages, including Wacken Open Air, Sweden Rock Festival and Copenhell.

After their grandiose, critically acclaimed two-album concept from 2018/2020 plus a 334-page novel (written by the band’s singer Lars F. Larsen), which the albums were based on – the Danes have scaled down a bit and written another majestic concept album, but this time only spanning a 48-minute mark, in total.

“Mycelium”, the new opus (and their first one to be released by Mighty Music), is less symphonic and with an angrier, raw approach, with aggressiveness as the main focus. Manticora has created a DIY album, where the only outside influence has been the mastering (done by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios). Everything else is crafted by the band: concept, lyrics, music, production, artwork – you name it, Manticora provides.

High-octane metal, which is only recommended for the strong at heart.

“Mycelium” is out now on CD, LP (black vinyl, limited to 500) and digital formats via Mighty Music.


Kristian Larsen – guitars
Lars F. Larsen – vocals
Stefan Johansson – guitars
Kasper Gram – bass
Lawrence Dinamarca – drums



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Mycelium, 2024


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