Michael Catton


British/Danish rock singer Michael Catton has teamed up with guitar virtuoso Soren Andersen, releasing Catton’s debut solo album “Point Of No Return”. Immersing themselves in their common love of 70’s and 80’s hard rock, they are bringing the style, spirit and swagger of the golden age of rock to the modern day. 

Catton has already made his mark on the rock scene with multiple critically appraised albums and having performed on some of Europe’s biggest stages as lead singer of the Danish rock band Tainted Lady, his screeching flamboyant vocals matched only by the wailing guitars of Andersen, long-time guitarist for Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes. Catton and Andersen have written the album together with the Englishman’s brother Chris Catton, frontman of the AOR band Boys From Heaven, who also plays keys and sings backing vocals on the album. Completing the band are Grammy Award-winning bassist Michael Gersdorff and Pretty Maids drummer Allan Tschicaja, bringing plenty of experience, talent and prestige to the group.  

Catton on the album “Point Of No Return”:
The album is a culmination of everything that has influenced me as a musician and all the bands that shaped me throughout my life. Some of these songs originated in my teenage bedroom over a decade ago, and some were written as recently as during the recording sessions with Soren. As a result, the album is a perfect representation of who I am as an artist and the music that I love.” 




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