Locked away in a small studio in Aabenrå, Denmark, “Velvet Noise” was born in 2000. After spending intense weeks with Jacob Hansen at his studio, which at that time was located on the fourth floor in an old building in Aabenrå, the band finally had the master for what was to become their debut album.

Lars Christensen (guitar) recalls:

I recall that spirits were high and we were super excited to start the recordings – especially because we had signed an official record deal with Mighty Music/Drug(s).

Being officially signed to a label was a B I G thing for a band coming from a small town as Thisted. We were so hungry and excited to finally get our debut album released, and get some public feedback and reviews.

During the recordings we resided in a small and cheap wooden house, on a campsite, 20 minutes from Jacob Hansen studio and had to walk to the studio every morning. Typically we woke up with intense hangovers as beer, liquor & pølsemix was the only things we consumed before, during and after the recordings – yes we sure liked to party back then (…and we still do)

We knew that we were something different to the Danish Metal scene back then. We had a much more alternative approach on how we wanted metal music and OUR music to sound so we knew that we might get “slaughtered” when the reviews would start to tick in.

I mean just our bandname RAUNCHY has no “metal” feel/meaning to it, so that was definately a thing we knew would be “uphill”. Also the fact that we pretty much looked like a typical generic band from the Britpop “heydays” of Blur, Suede, Oasis, Radiohead, The Verve etc. was another obstacle – but we couldn’t care less.

The idea for the album title “Velvet Noise” was pretty clear and simple to us… we wanted it to be a musical description of what kind of music you could expect to hear and we really liked the contradictions. “Velvet” is the perfect way of describing the super melodic melodies and multilayered epicness that is going on throughout the entire album.

Weeks before “Velvet Noise” was about to hit the stores I went to the Mighty Music/Drug(s) headquarter as Michael H. Andersen had told me I could pick up some copies of the cd fresh from the pressing plant. I was so overly excited to open one of the boxes with the cd´s to see the final result. Especially because I had created the artwork which was a huge thing for me as well.

The following months we got a lot of reviews, and to our surprise most of them were really great. It wasn’t only Danish reviews but a lot of European reviews from all the big magazines which praised “Velvet Noise” to be “modern classic” and for “boosting new life” to a stagnated metal scene at that time.

The great reviews and rumours about “Velvet Noise” also made some prominent business people in the US interested and especially a great review from Borivoj Krign (founder of Blabbermouth.net) made people listen and pay attention to our music.

Suddenly producer celebs as Ross Robinson (Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot etc. ) Joe Baressi (Queens Of The Stone Age, Melvins, Tomahwak etc.) wanted to play with us. The big record labels (Nuclear Blast, Century Media & Roadrunner Records) were also pretty eager to play along and sign us.

With negotiations between Mighty Music/Drug(s) and the various interested companies we ended up with Nuclear Blast which got the “green lights” to license “Velvet Noise” and later on took over and released the follow-up record “Confusion Bay”.

So where is RAUNCHY today? The band expect to record their seventh album in late 2019 in between changing diapers on the “new next generation of metal spawn”

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