Eccentric, experimental and eclectic, SEE THE SKY are a unique metal band that dare to be different.

With new collaborators on board for album number two, ‘Ego Rehab’ see’s band founder and composer Blake Gardner pushing SEE THE SKY into a more post-metal inspired atmosphere, throughout the eleven new tracks. This time around we are also introduced to the addition of Blake’s wife, Miriam Gardner (Wintergarden). Her melodic vocals added to the mix makes for a great contrast to the male death metal growls. The music is spacious and evocative and lyrically centered on the conceptual theme of one man’s progressive journey from socially induced narcissism to full blown psychiatric institutionalism.

The invisible dystopian force of social engineering is the topic tackled metaphorically throughout SEE THE SKY’s new concept album, ‘Ego Rehab’.

The sense that society is being driven along a predetermined path. The feeling that select ideas are being disseminated through media, politics, education. The manufacturing of consent as an effective and highly utilized social science permeates the dark musical subtlety of this album with a thoughtful intrigue.

So has perception replaced, and become our reality? Is a politically correct fog subconsciously subverting critical thought and individuality? And have we as a society gone psychologically beyond the realm of no return?

Using the Zack Snyder film, ‘Sucker Punch’ as the initial inspiration for the concept that metaphorically depicts society as a man who is unconsciously coursed from narcissism to a form of functional insanity, by social engineers. The music, lyrical content and artwork, uniquely flow together with this idea, setting a soundtrack to the machinations that are involved in conditioning society and more importantly the potential fallout of individuals that don’t seem to fit into the mold.

The album was recorded at Caramel Candy/England and GForce/Denmark during 2013/2014. Produced and mixed by Blake Gardner for Vocal Station/Halohouse.

‘Ego Rehab’ will be released via Mighty Music July 3rd. 2015!


Miriam Gardner / Bjarne Mathiesen – Vocals, Blake Gardner – Guitar & Synth, Ronald Mckay – Bass, David Marksen – Drums


‘We’re Alone (EP) (2012)’

‘Ego Rehab (2015)’



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