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9000 John Doe – a rock ‘n’ metal band from Aalborg in Denmark – have with the self-proclaimed music style ‘Hillbilly Hardcore’ ravaged the Danish metal scene in some years now. In 2011 they released the debut album with the expressive title “Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over” and now they are ready with the follow-up “Redneck Is The New Black”.

9000 JOHN DOE is very much a live band that has thrilled audiences and critics since they started in 2008. The strength of the band is the self-confident attitude on stage and the energetic live shows. It was these abilities that got the band nominated as “Metal Live Band Of The Year” back in 2009 and top-marks from the Danish webzines for their performances on festivals like Aalborg Metal Festival and Day Of Decay.

9000 John Doe knows only one road – down the Route 666 – the reckless rock attitude and the heavy sound of their rock ‘n’ metal universe will leave its mark at every show. The mission is to highlight northern Jutland as rock ‘n’ metal capital of Denmark and awaken the inner redneck of the listener. Who the fuck is 9000 John Doe? As the name implies is a local band from Aalborg consisting of pure rednecks with their roots deep buried in old school rock ‘n’ roll and modern melodic metal. The band consist of Tommy Knøs with his spitting acid vocal, Morten Højer on vicious guitar, Mikkel Clausen on deadly bass while Morten Larsen leads the rhythmic assault on drums. The musical signature is piercing guitar-riffs, hard-hitting bass and fearsome ”in your face” vocals  – all kept alive by the thunderous power of the drums. The bands mix of old school rock ’n’ roll and metal appeals to fans of Guns ’n’ Roses ranging to Pantera and beyond! ”Redneck Is The New Black” states a darker and more metallic side of the band – however still keeping the well-known rock & roll attitude and a strictly trucker rockin’ hard-hitting hillbillies attitude with denim and insignias as an expression. The album is guested by the popular Danish rapper Jonny Hefty, who with his metal background (Geronimo) is a good match for 9000 John Doe. Together they deliver a cheeky bout of heavy-rap that doesn’t make a secret out of the Aalborg-roots. Just like the debut album, it was recorded, mixed and mastered by Rasmus Jakobsen (ex-Mercenary) in Unit1 Studios.


9000JohnDoe_RITNB9000 John Doe – Redneck Is The New Black CD – 2014 PMZ119 (Denmark) Release: TBA


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