With a raw, and yet clean vocal and a mixture of heavy dissonant riffs and big melodies, Annominus distinguishes itself in many ways from the rest.

There is no focus on playing as quickly as possible. The absolute focus is to make the individual songs as good as possible.

With inspirations ranging from Gojira and Mastodon to Depeche Mode, different angels of music is important for this band. Add to all this a great DIY attitude, and you are approaching what Annominus is all about

With their new album “The Architect” released on Mighty Music 1st of June, Annominus has made an ambitious conceptual album about how we, as humans, can become discouraged by the world we live in, as well as how we can get up from the ashes again – or let ourselves be destroyed by ourselves.
It brings a critical view of the institutionalization of us as humans and a more poetic approach to the “us against the world” concept.

The records was written under intimate conditions, with only the band involved. It was recorded in collaboration with Anders Vohs (When Water Runs Deep) – a close friend of the band. This was done to maintain the intimate atmosphere on the record.

Annominus brings a great amount of experience from the stage. They have supported major bands like Amorphis and the American giants Black Label Society as well as a headliner tour through Russia in 2015.

Annominus brings a working class thinking on stage. No place is to small or too big!


Jacob Zinn – vocals & guitars
Mathias Wahl -drums
Peter Sandvig – guitars &vocals
Jens Moseholm – bass


Vashta Nerada (EP) 2011
End Of Atonment (2014)
The Architects (2018)


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Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V