Black Sunday


Founded 2010 as Psychotic Pain and played a strange mix between synth, metal and rock music. Did some gigs, and demos and then changed their name to Black Sunday before they split up short time after.

In 2015 mainman Tricky T decided to do more hardrock style of music, and went into studio to record what to became their great debut album “A Ghost In The City”
He kept the name but no live performances happened and the promotion for the first record was very poor.

Again a break occured. In the fall of 2016 Tricky T again started to write songs for their second album. For this album, the band wrote about 15 songs and 10 of them ended up on the record. Among them, one old song called “Superstar Hero” that was supposed to be on the first record, but they did some changes from the demo version and did a new recording.
The same with the song “Nobody Cares”, that originally was called “Alone”.

The style is like the first one, some heavy riffs, some punk but mostly hardrock. It is still the mission of the band to write catchy singalong songs with good melodies and a dirty attitude!

For the new album the band hooked up with Mighty Music to realise the second album.

As this is written, they are back as a 4 piece band and hopefully will be back on stage where our music belongs!


Tricky T -Vocals and all instruments






“A Ghost In The City”
“Backyard Freaks” (out on Mighty Music November 16th)


Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V