Blackdraft create melodic metal with a dark rocking edge to it. The band was formed in 2015 as a logical development from a band Julia, Karsten and Tomek were in before. In march 2016 the Germans released their debut album „Recipe of Pain“. In the following months they played some club gigs and developed their sound towards a little more heavier edge. A lineup change luckily brought us Jan-Hendrik and Fabian.


Julia Dorothee Wallenius – Vocals
Karsten Wallenius – Lead Guitar and Growls
Jan-Hendrik Köbel – Drums and Shouts
Tomek Kolonko – Bassguitar
Fabian Adler – Rhythmguitar






Recipe of Pain (2016)
The Quest (out on Mighty Music December 14th 2018)


Julia and Karsten as the masterminds of the band worked hard on new material. Together with the new member Jan-Hendrik they perform as a perfect songwriting team. The single „Leap in the Dark“ was released in february 2017. This single was already a little sneak for the album „THE QUEST“, for which the band rerecorded those songs. With 13 other songs from the album the band will unleash the concept album called „THE QUEST“ on December the 14th 2018 for you listening pleasure.

Blackdraft will bring you a mystic scary adventure story from the cold scandinavian north and the deep dark ocean.

The band says:

“Therefore we were thrilled that Mighty Music signed us to release the album. Besides the fact that a northern label fits perfect into our concept-story, we all love Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. We were blessed to have a choice and Mighty Music was definitely the first. We are looking forward to a great collaboration with the Mighty Music team and a great time with all of you out there!”


Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V