Blended Brew is releasing their long awaited 2nd album titled “Shove It Down” in May 2020. Since the debut album and the subsequent EP, the band has been really busy.

This album was written, recorded and produced by Jimmy (Vocal+guitar), Sebastian (keys) and Christoffer (Drums) in collaboration with Christian Heyman of Heyman Studios. Everything was recorded live and analog and run on tape machine to acquire as authentic rock sound as possible.

“I feel we have found our very own sound for this album. Maybe we spent a month trying to make the drums sound raw and authentic.” says Jimmy, the lead singer.

The style is rock with big R, and their inspiration from artists such as AC/DC and Deep Purple has made the band focus on the characteristic in their expression in the form of a very strong lead vocal as well as a thick Hammond organ.

The sound the band is based on is inspired by colleagues like Rival Sons and Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown.

“I feel, that we have created a really great rock album and made a sound that I don’t hear from other Danish rock bands!” states Lord Sebastian, on keys.

The goal is now, in collaboration with Mighty Music, Target, Bookinghuset and Happy Duck Management to get the album out on the market and promote it.

“Actually, I was doubting how we could manage recording this album without a bass, but Jimmy picked up the bass and tracked some killer lines. This album is written, produced and delivered by the three of us and I am very proud of that!” Quote Lord Sebastian.

Since the album was recorded, the band has found a 4th member, Lasse, who is ready to be a part of the gang and playing the entire Blended Brew back catalog.

“Now that we’ve found Lasse, I’m so excited to come out and show you what Blended Brew stands for!” Drummer Christoffer ponders.

“Shove It Down” is an album that speaks to people who want to hear catchy rock tunes that where you can feel the energy from the band playing it live in the studio!

The end of the album shows a very sensitive side in their last song “Don’t Say No” where Jimmy on vocals and Lord Sebastian on piano show their professionalism in a very felt rock ballad.


Jimmy Månsson: Vocal & Guitar
Lord Sebastian Groset: Piano, Organ & Blues Harp
Christoffer Beck: Drums
Lasse H. Mortensen: Bass




Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V