Chaos Engine Research was founded in 2007 in Czestochowa (Poland), the current line-up was established in 2009. In 2012 the band began recording its first album, a process that took almost a year.

Recording sessions took place in Perlazza Studio in Opalenica (Poland), under the supervision of Przemysław Wejmann, one of the best producers and sound engineers in Poland. The final lyric touch was done by Daniel Brąś, a translator cooperating with Perlazza Studio. Tue Madsen in Antfarm Studio, Denmark were chosen for mastering and known for his excellent work on bands like Behemoth, Vader, Ektomorf, Dark Tranguillity and Mnemic.

“The cooperation between Przemek and Tue was just a perfect choice and thanks to them the album sounds solid.” Composer and guitarist Marcin explains.

The recordings resulted in a twelve-song concept album entitled “The Legend Written by an Anonymous Spirit of Silence”. In this story the main character can’t come to terms with his untimely and unexpected end. After signing a pact with death he wanders through dark corners of the universe, slowly understanding how deep corruption and evil reach.

Marcin comments: “The lyrics are in the form of drama, stylized for an antique tragedy. The intention of the album is to draw the listeners’ attention to the fact that despite conviction of “internal freedom”, we allow ourselves to be trapped in the media and political manipulation that inflicts its views and convictions, which have nothing in common with reality.”

The goal for Chaos Engine Research is to encourage people to think independently and to stand up to the divisions and barriers that arise only to justify a passive attitude toward the problems of today’s world.

Guest appearances: Marek Makles (Habakuk, Daab) – keyboards, Martyna Susek (Dolce Quartet) – viola, DJ Bobilon – scratch, Przemysław Wejmann – guitar.


Marcin “Muzz” Grobelak – guitars, lyrics
Krzysiek „Kriss” Dworak – guitars
Jacek „Młody”Adamczyk – vocals
Darek „Darrior” Januszewski – vocals
Jacek Czekaj – bass
Ivo Orleański – drums
Marcin “Diarell” Itczak – graphics & art
Paweł “Kobi” Kobiela – media projections, technique


CHAOS_ENGINE_RESEARCH_The_LegendCHAOS ENGINE RESEARCH – The Legend Written by an Anonymous Spirit of Silence

CD – 2014

Worldwide release: 29.09.2014


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