Chaotic Remains consists of a group of six close friends who share the same passion for metal music. Differences in musical influences and tastes among the members has contributed towards creating their own style. This enables the artists to visualize what they want to achieve, and express through their music.

The band brings about various elements of different styles and genres in its tracks which comprise a mixture of melody and heavy riffs whilst delving into aspects of death metal. This can be most closely grouped under ‘symphonic death metal’. Since its debut gig in 2011 the group has featured in a number of gigs and festivals with renowned local and foreign acts.

Chaotic Remains’ debut album, ‘We Are Legion’, was composed by the artists themselves. Having said this, the band sought to have the record professionally produced and mastered by David Depasquale, owner of the reputable SpineSplitter Studio who is highly regarded in the Maltese metal scene.

Music, is an art which unites all the members, and which provides the drive to do what the band loves doing; performing and writing songs.  This album addresses the different practices and beliefs behind Christianity and Satanism whilst portraying the ongoing battle between the two; specifically focusing on the fall and rise of Lucifer. The band always intended to address various religious themes in its lyrics/records, and this album will mark the start of a journey.


“We Are Legion”, album released December 1st, 2017

Line Up

Sean – Vocals

Julian – Guitar

Roderick – Guitar

William – Keyboards

Mark – Drums

Andrew – Bass



Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V