Dear Delusion’s second record – Sleep of Reason – is a continuation of their first record – Imprisonment – which was well received with good reviews from and to name a few. It also spawned a good deal of air time at MyRock radio. Sleep of Reason is the sound of a rock band boiling with the urge to fight ignorance and extremism. The music is inspired by a wide selection of artists such as Alice in Chains, Muse and Nine Inch Nails. The music is forceful, dark and gloomy neo-grunge rock. Aligned with the theme of the record it makes a solid statement in the shape of a musical torpedo gunning towards religious fanatism as well as moral- and mental surrender.

When you fight against dogmatic fanatism, a certain liberating mental autonomy rises. Such a liberation breaks through the wall of sound on Sleep of Reason. The record is inspired by the themes of Francisco Goya’s painting, “El sueño de la razón produce monstruos” (Sleep of reason produces monsters), and through this theme Dear Delusion shouts out and launches a critical strike towards the ignorant, the extreme and the narrowminded person. A person who is entangled ind his own blinded and self-righteous vision of life. This heavy statement of a rock record is a declaration of war against all kinds of folly caused by sleep of reason.

Sleep of Reason was created in about six months, and it was recorded in Gain Factory with Jakob Gundel as the engineer and producer. The band loved Gundel’s work as a drummer and a producer with both Black Book Lodge and Franklin Zoo, and they were particularly impressed by Gundel’s ability to make a raw and cynical sound, that were able to match Dear Delusion’s ambitions about making a hard hitting and intense rock record.

Dear Delusion consist of 4 band members that originated from each corner of Denmark. This provincial gathering created a creative base in the center of Copenhagen. Front singer and guitarist, Simon Roland Pedersen, is flanked by guitarist Andreas Bjerno and bass player Simon Gessø Hansen, and drummer Rasmus Rindom Riise is the musical anchor of the group.


Simon Roland Pedersen – Vokal og Guitar

Andreas Bjerno – Guitar

Simon Gessø Hansen – Bas

Rasmus Rindom Riise – Trommer.








SONY DSCDear Delusion Album cover

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