Formed in 2007, Spanish progressive metallers in DISTANCE is finally ready with their highly anticipated debut album with the plain title “I”.

Since the beginning, the idea behind DISTANCE was clear: to combine all of its six member’s musical influences into a solid, rough yet melodic musical vehicle. Weaving musical patterns from riff-driven technical thrashers, proggy ambient tracks and even some nice industrial samples and beats… all of that carefully placed together into a single package, delivered with absolute cohesion.

The band’s highly anticipated full-length album debut “I”, features over 45 minutes of music divided into 8 distinct tracks and has been produced by the band itself, while mix and mastering is done by the well-known Finnish producer Samu Oittinen (Diablo, Insomnium, Korpiklaani etc.).

The album’s lyrical themes range from social and human behavior to coping with the loss of loved ones and the role of the individual in the complex journey that is life itself.

DISTANCE is not the measurement of space from point A to point B, it is an intricate and tasteful musical journey with twists and turns, ups and downs, that describes life and examines the eternal questions we as a species want to answer: where do we come from… and where are we going. “Whatever your mission in life may be, we all have to sit back and make the best of the ride… and that is what DISTANCE is all about.” Vocalist Morgan explains.

Musically DISTANCE combines the precision and technical ability of modern progressive and melodic death metal bands such as Textures, Soilwork and Threat Signal, the industrial machine-like approach to metal from bands like Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad and Mnemic and the melodies and feeling you would expect from grunge bands like Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and modern American metal classics such as Killswitch Engage.

“I” will be released worldwide on November 10th 2014 via Mighty Music.


Morgan (Vocals)
Alf (Guitars)
Mak (Guitars)
Jomer (Bass)
Ernes (Synths and Keyboards)
Lucho (Drums and Percussion)


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Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V