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DOPPLER emerged in 2003 when Rafa, Dani and Gago got together in order to give free rein to their concerns and create music that shows their eclectic range of influences, which involve disparate elements such as metal, rock and even industrial music. Years passed by until Albano Fortes (Body On Sections, ex-Hybrid) in early 2008 joined as their definitive front man, contributing with his interest for more extreme sounds, and completing what still is the actual line-up.After this the band spent a long time in their rehearsal studio rearranging their old stuff and writing new tunes, developing their sound and finally achieving their trademark sound.

Now the work effort culminates with the release of their debut album “Apophenia: Type I Error”. An album based on low tuned riffs and complex polyrhythms, which could easily be related to genres like Djent or Math Metal. The album is recorded in the critically acclaimed Sadmen Studios (Adrift, Human Mincer, Hamlet, etc…) and mastered by the well-known producer Jacob Hansen in Hansen Studios (Heaven Shall Burn, Raunchy, Aborted etc…). The result is eight tracks which concepts deals with the different phases of a tortured schizophreniacs mind, moving through different episodes that feature different feelings from hilarious conditions to surreal abstractions.

An album teaser can be found here.


Rafael González – Guitars
Albano Fortes – Vocals
Daniel Iglesias – Drums and synths
Miguel Gago – Bass


Doppler - Apophenia Type I Error - Album Cover - Mighty MusicDOPPLER – Apophenia: Type I Error

CD – 2012

Danish release: 27.08.2012
European release: 27.08.2012



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