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The immense atmosphere of the Alpine landscape has to some a certain sense of eternity to it. The snow covered mountaintops and misty valley floors of the Alps have long since preceded us humans, and will remain here long after we cease to exist. Swiss-based Ever Since has not only experienced this atmosphere first handedly, but even based their name and entire musical enterprise upon the amazing scenery of the Swiss Alps!
Originally founded out of the ashes of now disbanded Sacrement, drummer Cédric and guitarist Vincent took the decision back in 1998, to continue the musical lineage of Sacrement, and perpetuate it through a new vessel, ironically enough called Ever Since. The luminescent atmosphere of bands such as Dark Tranquility, Paradise Lost and Cradle of Filth, sparked a light in Ever Since, who had now become a full band, and with this light, they soon spawned the two albums, “Into a Reign of Pain” from 2001 and “Fight the Elements” from 2002, to much critical acclaim from the international metal media.
With the two albums, the band had established a musical framework based on melancholia, simplicity and nerve, but after the release of their 3rd effort “Between Heaven and Hell” and subsequent tours of France and England, the fire had burned out, and in 2007 the band was sadly forced to go on hiatus.
Now it’s 2013, and the fire in Ever Since has rekindled. The band is now back with their latest magnum opus “Bring Out the Gimp” produced, mixed and mastered by Sybreed-mastermind Drop. The Swiss masters of melancholia recently joined forces with the leading, Danish metal label Mighty Music to release “Bring Out the Gimp” on February 17th 2014. To support the release,


Vinc: Guitars
Tiago: Guitars
Flo: Bass
Ced: Drums
Pedro :Vocals


Ever Since - Bring Out The Gimp - Album Cover - Mighty MusicEVER SINCE – Bring Out The Gimp

CD – 2013

Danish release: 17.02.2014
European release: 17.02.2014



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