EVIL released their first mini LP back in 1984, the now legendary ‘Evil’s Message’. It was released on the Dutch Rave-On Records, who also released the first mini LP ‘Nuns Have No Fun’ by MERCYFUL FATE back in 1983.

EVIL was among the first metal bands to define the genre speedmetal back in 1984, by sharp vocals, heavy riffs and Freddie Wolf’s fast and pounding bassdrums. At the time, the band wasn’t presenting the typical heavy metal, but today the band is among the founding fathers of European heavy metal.

The band split up back in the mid-eighties and drummer Freddie kept on playing with a bunch of established Danish rock-acts and soloists, but the metal has been there ever since in the background. 2015 is the year for Freddie to unleash EVIL again with the new album “Shoot The Messenger”. Freddie wrote all the music, wrote the lyrics, played all instruments and produced the new album himself. The vocals where done by longtime friend Søren Nico Adamsen (ex-Artillery). The album is mixed and mastered by the Austrian Frank Pitters (Edenbridge, Visions Of Atlantis, Dignity).

EVIL’s sound anno 2015 is classic heavy metal in the vein of Accept and Judas Priest whom inspired EVIL back in the early eighties. “Shoot The Messenger” consists of 8 songs, or warnings if you please, about the worlds situation today and how we all in the end are responsible for the evil and bad things going on on the planet and in our own lives.

EVIL’s coming…

“Shoot The Messenger” will be released on March 30th 2015 via Mighty Music.


Freddie Wolf – All instruments Søren Nico Adamsen – Vocals


‘Evil’s Message’, ‘Shoot The Messenger’



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