Combine crushing in-your-face riffs with bluesy lead guitars, add thunderous bass lines hailing from the depths of death, then throw this mix on a solid foundation of progressive drums and pour powerful yet soaring vocal harmonies on top… What do you get? That´s right! FACESHIFT, from Stockholm, Sweden. Set to unleash their second album “All Crumbles Down” in 2015.

The initial impact of hearing FACESHIFT for the first time will strike you with a sense of power and melody in perfect harmony. But there is so much more… With influences ranging from Pantera to Alice In Chains, from Slash to TOOL, and from Dio to Symphony X, the versatility of FACESHIFT is what really sets them apart.

This album was amazingly easy to make”, explains drummer Stefan Norgren. “After bringing Mika and David into the band after our debut album came out, there was a hunger to take the band to the next level. We wanted to make something heavy, melodic, catchy and dark, with each of us contributing equally. At first we were almost scared of our individual musical differences, but as we started writing we realized that they were in fact our greatest strengths. From Seventh Wonder I bring a progressive touch to all my drum parts, Petri (Eternal Oath) is an unparallelled power riff-maestro, Timo refuses to compromise with his signature vocal melodies and harmonies, while the “new guys” introduce the elements of blues AND death. The crazy thing is that we get along perfectly when we´re in writing mode. As the title suggests, lyrically this album deals with various issues related to how society, culture, technology, religion, politics etc. in this day and age undeniably appear to be headed in a frightening direction”.

All recordings were done in less than two weeks, the album was self produced and mixed by Öyvind Voldmo Larsen at Lionheart studio in Oslo, Norway. Everyone who has heard it agree: this is one kick ass metal album! So brace yourselves, because in 2015… All Crumbles Down!

What others say about Faceshift

Wow this is good!! Superior songwriting from beginning to end. Crushing guitars with unique and versatile vocals. A must buy for metal and hard rock fans!” – Mike LePond (Symphony X)

That dark melancholic bleakness, yet with a proud, pompous down-to-earth vibe… Grunge-esqeue with a touch of Queensryche and Nevermore. But FACESHIFT isn´t from Seattle, but from Sweden! The bottom line is -I like it!” – Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Sabaton, Therion)

FACESHIFT! What more can you ask for if you’re into modern metal, with a bit of progressive and old school twist to it. Great songs, drumming and playing overall. Great stuff \m/” – Richard Evensand (Chimaira, Soilwork)

I’m kicking on the new Faceshift, killer riffs and vocal harmonies, look out for these guys!!” – Thomas Youngblood (Kamelot)

Faceshift is a breath of fresh air. Soaring melodies and songs that kick your ass. I get a metal-vibe of Alice In Chains. Love it.” – Michael Eriksen (Circus Maximus)


Timo Hovinen – vocals
Stefan Norgren – drums, vocals
David Bertilsson – guitar
Petri Tarvainen – guitar
Mika Kajanen – bass guitar



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