Headless is the new creative effort by renowned hard rock singer Göran Edman since his Yngwie Malmsteen days. The band plays a blend of Queensrÿche, classic metal, hair metal plus a progressive injection guaranteed by the guest appearance of Jim Matheos from Fates Warning.

After releasing the Growing Apart album in 2013 feat. Scott Rockenfield’s drumming, Headless toured Europe extensively opening for legendary acts like Skid Row, Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, Candlemass & Don Airey.

The new album Melt The Ice Away (2016) represents a real band effort. Since the mid ’90’s Edman was mostly a studio session vocalist. Headless is his first attempt to give new life to his poetry. Surprisingly heavier than Edman’s previous efforts, Melt The Ice Away deals with topics like misbelief, an inner state of indifference, suppression of emotions due to personal failures, in stark contrast with the recent international recognition of the band.

The album was recorded in different studios around the globe.

Engineers Randy Staub (Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Nickelback) and multi award-winning Chuck Ainlay (Dire Straits) helped in shaping the drums sound.

Peter Doell mastered the album at Universal Mastering Studios in Hollywood, CA giving the final product a contemporary flavour.


Göran Edman – Vocals

Walter Cianciusi – Guitars

Dario Parente – Guitars

Domenico Di Girolamo – Bass

Enrico Cianciusi – Drums


Future To Past – 1996 – Zasko Lab

Inside You – 1998 – 99th Floor

Growing Apart – 2013 – Lion Music

Melt The Ice Away – 2016 – Mighty Music





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