With confirmations on both DKs biggest metal festival Copenhell and the biggest Scandinavian Festival ROSKILDE – 2014 sets out to be the year of the esteemed Danish sluggish rock/metal band HELHORSE.

The esteemed sludge metallers HELHORSE released their critically acclaimed second album “Oh Death” in the autumn of 2013. The album got praises from both national and international critics and the album was featured on several “album of the year” lists.


The Danish act Helhorse created their name by combining the mythical helhest (as told in the Danish folklore by poet Steen Steensen Blicher) with horse – a mixture of Scandinavia meeting North Amercia, which is essential to the band ́s roots and cultural references.

On the album ‘Oh Death’ Helhorse descend into a cultural chaos of Nordic poetry, American death requiems with an uplifting gaze at death.
The Title ‘Oh Death’ is taken from a so called “dirge” – a burial hymn, specially used in Afro-American spirituals of the 18th century, said to have its origin in the southern parts of the Appalachian Mountains.

‘Oh Death’ or “Conversations with Death”, is a song about a man ́s conversations with death, how he wants to keep it from the door, but also how death makes no distinction and affects us all.

” The old, the young, the rich or poor
All alike to me, you know
No wealth, no land, no silver no gold
Nothing satisfies me but your soul”

‘Oh Death’ is indeed a concept album, celebrating death as purification, freedom and a developing factor for human kind.

The songs revolve around very personal themes like, the death of a love relationship, the liberation from expectations of others and yourself, escape through massive amounts of alcohol and more philosophical contemplations on how we as a race are drawn towards our own self destruction.
This is in many ways a journey through a specter of emotions – from fuck you rock & roll attitude to more introspective songs.


Mikkel Wad Larsen – Vocals
Aske Kristiansen – Vocals
Stephan Krabsen – Guitars
Jakob Møgelvang – Guitars
Søren Hansen – Bass
Jesper Bergstedt – Drums


Helhorse - Oh Death - Album Cover - Mighty MusicHELHORSE – Oh Death

CD – 2013

Danish release: 23.09.2013
European release: 23.09.2013


Helhorse - For Wolves and Vultures - Album Cover - Mighty MusicHELHORSE – For Wolves And Vultures

CD – 2011

Danish release: 28.02.2011
European release: 24.10.2011



Press pic 2014


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