HellHikers Are Beerwolves Howlin’ In Töxic Heat, White Trash Weekend Alcoholic Scum Playing HöRRiFic HellPönkRöck.

HellHikers started out pretty much as a Misfits-worship band in 2003, with some influences from Ramones, Turbonegro and Raga Rockers.

Short songs, simple chords, lots of hooks and melodies was the standard prescription, but by the time “Ghoulham Tales” was released in 2011, HellHikers wanted to put a lot more ROCK into the term “HellPönkRöck”

Further line-up changes with new members bringing in new inspiration and old members going back their heavy metal/hard rock roots, heavy 70’s riffs and drunken decadence gained considerably more ground in their sound.

“Death Rattle & Roll” consists of 9 tracks recorded at O ‘Satan Sound Studios in HellHikers’ hometown, Aalesund, a small jugend town on the nortwest coast of Norway. O ‘Satan Sound was then a stinking loft located above a local MC-club, full of garbage and oil barrels used as urinals. These rusty cans were full of alien life,  nicknamed “Pissmonsters”, and contributed without a doubt to the very sound of this record, along with the whole filthy vibe of the loft.

Christian Breivik recorded the tracks behind his beercan-stacked desk and mixing and mastering was done at the more sober Stavmix Studio, Aalesund, by Rune Stavnesli, who also mastered Keep of Kalessin’s “Armada”.

So in short, HellHikers’ facination with old horror movies, cheesy sci-fi and sleazy sexploitation from the 60’s & 70’s is still there in the lyrics, but musically HellHikers has grown darker, heavier and more complex with the years.

You’ll probably find just as much Sabbath, Stooges and Motorhead as Misfits in HellHikers’ sound today, and “Death Rattle & Roll” goes to prove just that.


Rolf Royce – Vocals of Vomit, Vile & Vehemence
Rex Erection – Drums of Destruction, Devilry & Disorder
Roy Redrum – SickString of Sloth, Sleaze & Sinphony
Per Perplex – Bass of Brute, Beer & Boozery





‘Death Rattle & Roll’ (2016)

‘Ghoulham Tales’ (2011)

‘CreEPers From The Rawk Lagoon’ (2006)






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