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MUSHROOM CLOUD is a new promising metal band from the flourishing thrash scene in Aarhus, Denmark. Five years and two demo’s after founding the band guitarist Dmitriy, drummer Simon and vocalist Morten are finally ready to present their first full-length album “In Mad Minute“- a journey into the modern melodic thrash & death metal with bands like In Flames and Testament as inspiration.

MUSHROOM CLOUD was founded by guitarist Dmitriy Mukhamedov and drummer Simon Kristensen in 2008. Both were searching for a new and serious project where they could focus all of their energy. A year later vocalist Morten Thoft Langerhuus joined the band and their first demo, “Blind Lead The Blind” (2010), was recorded soon after. With small steps at a time MUSHROOM CLOUD became an integrated part of the Aarhus- scene and started to focus on playing live, which included their first gig alongside the mighty Mercenary. After a streak of successful concerts in 2011, the band followed up with “Enola Game” (2011)- another demo with more adventures songs and a clearer defined sound.

With several gigs in the luggage, including support for Hatesphere, the band learned a lot and matured as a band- “In Mad Minute” is the conclusion of the hard work.

All of the tracks from the previous demo “Enola Game” are represented on “In Mad Minute”, though some of them are rewritten. The lyrical content of the album touches subjects like everyday life, inner demons and religion. Musically the band has a lot of influences and can hardly be called a straight forward thrash band – instead they try not to be restricted by any unwritten rules in metal.
MUSHROOM CLOUD incorporates everything from highly technical melodic riffs, solos, clean melodic passages, catchy choruses, brutal and clean vocals and fast thunderous drumming.

“In Mad Minute” is a metal journey from the fingerpicking opening sequence of “Time To Shine” to the furious catchy “No Escape”. All of this shrouded into a pounding mix and master delivered by the almighty Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Hatesphere, Dark Tranquillity etc.) in Antfarm Studios where the album also has been recorded.

“In Mad Minute” will be released in all of Europe September 9th 2013 by Mighty Music/Target Distribution.


Simon Kristensen- Drums
Morten Thoft Langerhuus- Vocals
Dmitriy Mukhamedov – Guitars


Mushroom Cloud - In Mad Minute - Album Cover - Mighty MusicMUSHROOM CLOUD – In Mad Minute

CD – 2013

Danish release: 09.09.2013
European release: 09.09.2013



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