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Mighty Music are proud to announce their first black metal signing this year, the German band NEBELKRÄHE. Three years after their debut album, NEBELKRÄHE have completed their new album “Lebensweisen“ which will be released February 18th – providing a paradigm for how contemporary black metal can sound!

NEBELKRÄHE was founded as a traditional death/black metal band in early 2007 in Munich. Not long after this, the style of the band changed in to a slightly progressive yet melancholic black metal, and in early 2008 umbrA (Atrorum) joined the band, thus completing the lineup. NEBELKRÄHE released their debutalbum entitled “entfremdet” in June 2009 and now they are ready with the second full-length album “Lebensweisen”.

Mix and mastering was conducted by Christoph Brandes in Iguana Studios (Imperium Dekadenz, Necrophagist, Unlight, etc.) – the aim of his work was to give the material a contemporary sound, yet maintaining the charme of a „natural“ black metal production, as well as combining tradition and modernity in the sound. Also in songwriting “Lebensweisen“ offers a versatile and highly individual combination of traditional black metal elements and a plethora of influences from other genres, that makes the sound progressive and vintage at the same time, and clearly aimed at fans from both ends of the genre, as Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak, Noekk, …) phrases it “A very original album that can hardly be compared to others…”.

The German press has said about NEBELKRÄHE:

“… and as pulsating and versatile as life is the music of this band”
(Legacy Nr. 62)

“… NEBELKRÄHE form a progressive, demanding melange, displaying a high degree of dynamic and dramaturgy”

“… one should keep an eye on them, these days it doesn’t happen that often that a new BM-band comes forth with fresh ideas.”

Check out their Facebook page, where three of the tracks from “Lebenweisen” can be streamed:


umbrA – Vocals
Morg – Guitar
Euphorion – Guitar
Kar – Bass
Latrodectus – Drums


Nebelkrähe - Lebensweisen - Album Cover - Mighty MusicNEBELKRÄHE – Lebensweisen

CD – 2013

Danish release: 18.02.2013
European release: 18.02.2013



 Nebelkrähe - umbrA - Press Photo - Mighty Music Nebelkrähe - Morg - Press Photo - Mighty Music Nebelkrähe - Latrodectus - Press Photo - Mighty Music Nebelkrähe - Kar - Press Photo - Mighty Music Nebelkrähe - Euphorion - Press Photo - Mighty Music Nebelkrähe - Press Photo - Mighty Music Nebelkrähe - Press Photo - Mighty Music
Nebelkrähe - Press Photo - Mighty Music





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