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Dutch metal-talents NECKBREAK NATION with a knack for technique and melody are back with a new line-up to release their highly anticipated debut assault Stroke of the Devils Hour.

With the release of their 2011 EP “Warchitects” and appearances all over Benelux, the young, Dutch thrashers Neckbreak Nation quickly rose to prominence in their region. This caught the attention of Dutch-based booking agency TMR Music Promotions (Hail of Bullets, Pestilence, Sinister), who soon signed with the band.

Now it’s 2014, and Neckbreak Nation is back with a vengeance in a new line-up consisting of drummer Ivo (also of Izegrim), guitarists Jelle and Pascal, bassist Angus and vocalist Sander – A solid pack of friends who has known each other for a long time, and all were bringing their own particular style and musical preferences into the writing process.
The making of the debut album Stroke of the Devils Hour has been quite the ride. “We truly went places, tried different people and got the most out of it even though the budget was limited”, drummer Ivo is stating.

Pre-recordings started in their own studio, which made it possible to try out various things with the songs, while the recording sessions took place in the Dutch Delta Beats Studio. For a clean and contemporary sound the band mixed the album with Pascal Altena, who also produced the EP and is well known in the Dutch scene for delivering heavy, high-end productions.
For the master the band took a totally different approach, and went to Ivo Statinski – A former DJ and hip hop producer. Neckbreak Nation drummer Ivo explains:

“He has top of the line (analog) mastering equipment and he has an amazing ear for details. Even though the choice was unconventional, his master stood out next to a few others. It was clear for us to work with someone outside the box since he heard certain aspects in our music others wouldn’t, mainly because of his musical background.”

Neckbreak Nation has with Stroke of the Devil’s Hour created an album that hits as a blunt force. The band has concocted a lethal brew of groove-ridden, melody-based and highly technical modern thrash that leaves the listener in want for more.


Sander: Vocals
Jelle: Guitars
Pascal: Guitars
Ivo: Drums
Angus: Bass


NECKBREAK_NATION_Stroke_of_the_Devils_HourNeckbreak Nation – Stroke of the Devils Hour

CD – 2014

Release: 07.04.2014





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