Nitroville means high voltage rock’n’roll poetry delivered by one of the UK’s strongest vocalists underpinned by rock solid musicianship and no-nonsense production.  Freight train riffs interlock with the occasional bluegrass guitar picking, creating the ultimate badass sound which evokes imagery of road movies of the darker kind. The songs are relentless and raw, at times menacing and paranoid, as much as poetic, big and spacious.

Just when Nitroville appeared on the scene, Classic Rock magazine advised readers to check them out, whilst Fireworks recommended the band as one of the best the UK had currently on offer.  Remarkable reviews worldwide and radio-playlisting came in fast and hard and the band kept writing new songs and played shows in the UK, Europe and the US.

The North London based band was founded in 2010 by Anglo-Scottish vocalist Tola Lamont and Scottish-German guitarist Kurt Michael Boeck, who believe good song writing and musicianship comes first.  Nitroville have created a second album which feels as if the air is brimming with electricity and adrenaline whilst a freight train crashes through.  As ever before, with their latest eleven track album Cheating The Hangman, the band show how to thunder straight into the essence of Rock’n’Roll, without gimmicks, compromise and without taking any prisoners.

FIREWORKS (UK): “…a gem of an album. The music is purely intoxicating and its enormous wave of energy gets moving immediately with the intro of ‘Motorocker’ and continue unabated through to the final seconds of ‘Danger Zone.” 

METAL HAMMER (GER): “Pure high energy rock with crunchy riffs, fingers cowboy guitars, pushing high-speed melodies and matching big balls,…”

CLASSIC ROCK (UK): Song of the Week: Louisiana Bone: “It burns more brightly than a NASCAR pit lane fire.” 

CLASSIC ROCK (GER):  “You need to read twice to assure yourself that Nitroville are from the UK and not from Georgia, the Carolinas or Louisiana. What this quartet around power vocalist Tola Lamont throws onto the grill sounds like the finest Southern BBQ party.”

SLEAZE ROXX (CAN): “Hard pressed not to have this record into the running for the top ten albums of 2016.”

POWERPLAY (UK): “The whole record is steeped in the sound of American rock. The title track bumps and grinds so effectively that you’d better get on that NHS waiting list for a hip replacement now.”

METALIZED (DK): “One feels you should cruise around in the Danish summer with open windows and the car stereo at full volume.”

CLASSIX METAL (IT): “We love Cheating The Hangman because it is the most hard classic rock you could want. Well played, well sung, well dressed.”

Bob Marlette, Producer (Black Stone Cherry, Lynyrd Skynyrd): “This sounds just great!!”


Vocals:  Tola Lamont
Lead Guitar:  Kurt Michael
Rhythm Guitar:  Grizzy Rose Lee
Bass Guitar: Paolo Succo
Drums:  Cyro Zuzi


‘Cheating The Hangman’ – Album (2016)

‘Can’t Stop What’s Coming’ – Album (2011)






Nitroville Bio 2016


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