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Provocation and anger are the keywords on PITCHBLACK’s second album “The Devilty”, the follow-up to “Designed to Dislike” which was awarded “Best debut metal album” at the Danish Metal Awards 2007. 

PITCHBLACK was formed in 2003 and after releasing two demos the band signed a deal with a German company releasing the debut album ”Designed To Dislike” in 2007. The same year the album was awarded “Best debut metal album” at the MTV-sponsored show Danish Metal Awards.

The band was quickly well established in the Danish underground as they won local contests and passed through to national contests as well. Their music has been very well recieved in both national and international press, but they have not yet made the international breakt through, which is the hope now.

On “The Devilty” the band both lyrically and musically challenges a cliché dominated and conservative metal scene with new way of thinking and verbal beatings to the national and international community. PITCHBLACK focuses on the atrocities that is unfolded in daily life around the world without taking direct political comments. Issues like free speech, racism, war on drugs, religious fanaticism, school shootings, human rights and illegal, endless wars, constitutes the essence of the album.

As well as the lyrics the music appears aggressive and angry. Hard pumping riffs neckbreacking rhythms, changes in tempi combined with the singer and drummers different shouting, screaming and growling. They tend to keep up tempo, but provides space for heavy doom parts and groovy four stroke (firtakters) and also gloomy spanish guitar. The music contains elements from death metal, thrash and hardcore, but the band does not see itself in any particular category. PITCHBLACK follows the road of anger, and as long as the music is unplaeasant and offensive it belongs to their pitch black universe.

The band has also teamed up with a professional criminal photographer who has spend several years on Denmark’s most controversial tabloid newspaper. That explains the violent images and artwork that characterize the cover and booklet. The cover is symbolic. The body is a metaphor for the evil that is the main subject on the album, which PITCHBLACK with a home made word calls “The Devilty”. It should be understood like PITCHBLACK is a band that aims to eradicate this evil. But when it all comes around there is always someone with blood on their hands.

Super guitarist Hank Sherman of Mercyful Fate, who took the band photos and did the cover art work on PITCHBLACKs debut album, plays a solo on The Devilty.

Mastermind Tue Madsen (Sick Of It All, The Haunted, Mnemic etc.) has mixed and mastered the album and created the dirty heavy sound on the album. The recordings has been done by guitarist Thomas Pedersen in his studio Earplug Studio.


DanIhjel – Vocals
Schou – Drums & Vocals
Pede – Guitar
Jose – Guitar
Dag – Bass


Pitchblack - The Devility - Album Cover - Mighty MusicPITCHBLACK – The Devility

CD – 2011

Danish release: 28.02.2011
European release: tba



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