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Since 2009, PLÖW have made noise in the Danish underground with a myriad of livegigs and two EP’s. Now the band ready to release the debut album “No Highness Below The Crown” which will be released August 10th via Mighty Music/Target. Get ready for a “…gut busting mix of low slung doom metal and stoner groove with a pissed off sludgy attitude!”

PLÖW plays groovy heavy-stoner-sludge. The sub-genres are many, but the only thing that matters, is how these guys put everything on the table. All of their sorrows and victories being emitted through their epic guitar riffs, the dirty bass, the beaten up drums and the angry vocals. PLÖW are four young men, who live and breathe the heavy music. It lies deep in their bones, which you can tell from the honest passion both live and on the recordings.

A rusty plow in the practice room
PLÖW is pronounced “plow”, with a silent umlaut, following the tradition from other bands in the heavy rock genre. An old rusty plow has actually found its place in the rehearsal room, which has given inspiration for both music and lyrics. From this rusty tool The Plöwman was born. He is an invincible character who appears in many of the lyrics and is also a big part of the band’s visual expression. The musical and lyrical universe are ranging from heavy doom sludge-metal compositions to groovy stoner rock with lyrics about everything from doomsday scenarios and human sorrow to freedom and heroism.

The debut album
“No Highness Below The Crown” is a concept album. Both music and lyrics take inspiration from the duality in life’s heavy issues. Good and evil, life and death, love and hate, sorrow and triumph. One thing confirms the other.

This duality is also used, in the way the album was recorded. The first half of the record is recorded in the summer 2012, which is reflected in the heroism and more positive energy, but yet still angry stoner sludge metal. The other half was recorded in the autumn, where the mood was more somber and the sound more doom and dirty. This record is PLÖW’s heart and soul, as they have sacrificed blood, sweat and tears on this “first-born” full length.

“No Highness Below The Crown” will be released August 12th 2013 as vinyl, CD and download in Denmark and the rest of Europe. A DK- and European tour will follow up the album release.

Check out the album teaser on YouTube here.


Rune – Vocals/Guitar
James – Guitar
Mads – Bass
Rasmus – Drums


Plöw - No Highness Below The Crown - Album Cover - Mighty MusicPLÖW – No Highness Below The Crown

CD – 2013

Danish release: 12.08.2013
European release: 12.08.2013



Plöw - Press Photo - Mighty Music Plöw - Press Photo - Mighty Music Plöw - Press Photo - Mighty Music Plöw - Press Photo - Mighty Music Plöw - Press Photo - Mighty Music DOWNLOAD BIO (PDF)




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