POLARIZED is a newly-formed international project in metal. While its cradle and main headquarter are both in New Haven, CT (USA), three of its four hearts pump blood to the lungs to pick up oxygen from Sweden to Italy. But not all POLARIZED members are from these three countries. Wars, financial collapses, or simply sheer boredom made people move and meet new people, start new projects, and begin new stories. This is the story of POLARIZED, a quintessentially Euro-American story. Bosnia, Sweden, Italy, and the United States are the countries where POLARIZED stumbled into.

POLARIZED plays classy thrash. Yes, you read that right: classy, not classic. There is no room here for nostalgia for the good old days — that, one might say, never quite existed. No attempt at being the fastest, the craziest, or the drunkest. POLARIZED plays neither revival nor experiments. There is no effort to surprise you with unexpected blends of genres, new technologies, and complex song structures. The listener of POLARIZED won’t bother to search for multi-hyphenated labels to define its music. S/he will know exactly what POLARIZED is about, and s/he’ll dig it. Inspired songs, outstanding musicianship, and thought provoking lyrics shape into a silky thrash metal entity which has been named POLARIZED after its lyrical content. POLARIZED lyrics have not to be taken from the “I” point of view. The “speaking-I angle” changes through the lyrics within the same song. POLARIZED lyrics are “polarized dialogues” in which, by definition, there is no dialogue at all, but a juxtaposition of divergent, irreconcilable views takes place. It is your job to disentangle them in foro interno. And, no, POLARIZED won’t provide you with the last word or ready-made slogans to flaunt in foro externo.

Three years after his departure from thrashers Node (Scarlet Rec.; Massacre Rec.), Daniel Botti begins writing new riffs. With a few songs at hand, he starts sharing material with new and old friends on both sides of the Atlantic (since January 2010, Dan lives in New Haven, CT). In the winter of 2012-2013, an old friend of Daniel, bassist Lars Linden (Carnal Forge) joins POLARIZED and suggests Daniel to get Dino Medanhodzic involved in the project. Former guitarist of Soulbreach (Mascot Rec.), Dino Medanhodzic took part in Carnal Forge’s single “Blood War” and toured with them for a couple of years. Co-owner of Radionika Studios in Stockholm, Dino is well reputed as sound engineer and artistic producer. Skins are thrashed by another old friend of Daniel, Marco Di Salvia, former Node’s member and current drummer in Pino Scotto’s band and Milan’s post hardcore project Merkel Market.

Western Hypnosis is the title of POLARIZED debut album. The record has been engineered, mixed, and mastered on April and May 2014 at Radionika Studios in Stockholm (Sweden), under the supervision of producer and POLARIZED lead guitarist Dino Medanhodzic.


Daniel Botti – Vocals/Rhythm Guitars, Dino Medanhodzic – Lead Guitars, Lars Linden – Bass, Marco Di Salvia – Drums






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