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“Cause and Neglect” has been three years underway since their praised debut album “Delusion” in 2010. An album that one of the leading German magazines Metal Hammer gave 6 out of 7 stars and called it …modern hardcore of the highest level.”. In the wake of “Delusion”, PSY:CODE was on tour with the legendary Danish death metal band Illdisposed. But already in 2008 the band supported Slayer and Mastodon in Copenhagen – surely not a thing that a lot of up and coming metal bands start their career with!

Since the debut album, PSY:CODE has been sharpening their tools to deliver 12 new tracks for the new album entitled “Cause and Neglect”. The album was pre-recorded in PSY:CODE’s headquarters – an old wartime bunker a little outside of Copenhagen. Drum tracking was done in Hansen studios and as on “Delusion”, the process of mixing and mastering was put in the trusted hands of Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Raunchy, Mercenary etc.) and as always the result is a high class audio injection.

Musically “Cause and neglect” blends technical riffing, atmospheric passages, progressive structures and hardcore metal. Lyrically the album gives the listener an inside look at the deranged thoughts of five individuals.


Schou – vocals
SteiN – guitar
Dag – bass
Tommy – guitar
Gøtsche – drums


PsyCode - Cause And Neglect - Album Cover - Mighty MusicPSY:CODE – Cause and Neglect

CD – 2013

Danish release: 10.06.2013
European release: 10.06.2013


PsyCode - Delusion - Album Cover - Mighty MusicPSY:CODE – Delusion

CD – 2010

Danish release: 01.03.2010
European release: 26.07.2010



Psy:code - Press Photo - Mighty Music Psy:code - Press Photo - Mighty MusicPsy:code - Press Photo - Mighty Music Psy:code - Press Photo - Mighty Music Psy:code - Press Photo - Mighty Music






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