Founded in September 2007 under the name Holy Terror, Italian Resumed sets the bar extremely high for how well a band can play technical progressive death metal in 2018


Daniele Presutti – guitar, vocals
Carlo Alfonso Pelino – guitar
Filippo Tirabassi – drums
Giulia Pallozzi – bass






Year Zero (to be released on October 20)


Resumed is an Italian technical/progressive death metal band, whose musical style can be described as a mixture of sounds coming from old school death metal with progressive and fusion influences. All of the band’s compositions are highly focused on instrumental technique and musical experimentations, using intricate structures to build strong listening experiences.

After the debut album “Alienations”, which brought the 4- piece to the attention of the metal community and on stage with big names such as Nile, Suffocation, Vader, Avatar and more, Resumed is now ready to uncover their new musical chapter, the epic concept album “Year Zero” to be released on Mighty Music on October 20th

In this new work the band stretch themselves musically and lay down so many intricate passages, and all the while still sounding so captivating with many well placed hooks. This is a release that will be welcome by fans of t!he more complex forms of metal.

Year Zero features the great collaboration of Stefano Morabito – 16th Cellar Studio, already producer for some of the best tech-death metal acts arond like Decrepith Birth, Hideous Divinity, Fleshgod Apocalypse.

The Italians can safely be placed in this attractive group of Death-prone outfits that will ride the crest of tech- death’s newest wave.


Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V