Every day a man gets up in the morning, takes the car, goes to work, comes home in the evening and goes back to bed…  Every… Fucking… Day…

As the music and lyrics of Resurrecturis’ fourth album unfold, this tiny, insignificant non-story turns into an existentialist voyage through the grim realities of today’s office work and company life. A fate shared by millions of people worldwide.
The album-title, “Nazienda”, a neologism that merges the words “nazism” and “azienda” (Italian for company, corporation), sets a tone that is tragic and ironic at the same time. Just listen to the song “10:30 Animals in the meeting room”: solid and fierce metallic extremism with crazy animal verses going cuckoo!!!
The songs run through the routine of a typical working day, each number even bearing an indication of the hour in the title: from the irritating buzz of the alarm early in the morning until the character slips into unconsciousness on the couch in front of the TV. In-between a flood of annoying phone calls, company meetings, work on the PC, solidarity among colleagues and introspective reflections.

Italian Resurrecturis began in 1990 and has been around in some form ever since. Over the years they toured with the likes of Vital Remains, Macabre, Impaled Nazarene and released 3 albums and a handful of minor releases.
Today the band is more than everything the expression of founding member, Carlo Strappa, one of Italy’s extreme metal prime movers (his Lethal Metal Zine dates back to mid 80’s)

– produced and engineered by Alessandro Vagnoni (Dark Lunacy, Bologna Violenta, Infernal Poetry, Darkside).
– front cover by renamed Italian artist Daniele Cudini.
“Nazienda – Graphic Novel” written by Carlo Strappa and drawn by Albano Scevola also available..
– guest guitar on the song “16:59 Never happy” by Ferruccio Quercetti of Italy’s rock’n’roll legends Cut (Go Down Rds).
– videoclip for the song “06:30 The alarm”.
– lyric video for the song “19:12 Two half lives don’t make one”.
– song “13:00 Lunch break alienation” included in “StreetCult Vol 24” promo compilation. 10.000 copies distributed in the US.
– 4 song ep with acoustic versions of Resu-songs also in the making.


Enrico Tiberi – vocals
Carlo Strappa – guitar
Luca Favoni – guitar
Manuel Coccia – bass
Angelo De Santi – drums (*)


‘Nazienda’ – 2015



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