“Reality Is A Lie” is Rezet’s third (full length-) studio album and a manifestation of how much the band has matured.
Musically, they have taken another step forward. While “Have Gun, Will Travel” was a well produced, angry and fast speed/thrash record delivered by a young metal act, “Civic Nightmares” was a more progressive and stylistically more wide-ranging answer to that with both hard rock and jazz influences. “Reality Is A Lie” now manages to combine all of the strengths Rezet have gathered over the years. Fast thrash metal-parts lead to the greatest choruses and hook lines Rezet have written so far, embedded in a soundscape that neither gets boring or tiresome nor does it come across as too progressive or complicated. Razor-sharp riffs are mixed with beautifully picked acoustic guitars and accompanied by Thorben Schulz’ solos. Bastian Santen’s drumming has hit a new peak: incredibly tight without abandoning his well-known jazzy sound. The bass pushes forward, providing a solid foundation for the whole record and Ricky Wagner’s vocals could be straight from an old Megadeth, Metallica, Kreator, or Exodus record.
The frontman’s lyrics are about the most sociocritical topics our planet has to deal with nowadays. “Reality Is A Lie” encourages the listeners to keep thinking for themselves and to hold on to their sound mind in a media-controlled world that seems to want to make everyone hear, see, say, and think the same things. “Dying By The States” reflects the conflicts of rivaling countries, “Breaking The Chains” deals with Wagner’s dark past for the first time, “Checkmate” is supposed to be an appeal to end all wars and “Worm In The Core” criticizes the so-called democratic system while “Fight For Your Life” tells the listener to stand up for his or her rights and believe in him- or herself.
With “Reality Is A Lie”, Patrick Bieler undoubtedly produced Rezet’s best and strongest record to date.
Harris Johns, who is known as the godfather of the sound of Teutonic Thrash Metal, did the mastering for this record and pushed the final product to perfection.
Rezet wanted to excel themselves with this album and they succeeded – big time. They are now ready to spread their message of intelligent and timeless metal. From town to town. From stage to stage. Let the games begin!


Ricky Wagner – Guitar, Vocals

Thorben Schulz – Guitar, Back-Up Vocals

Lucas Grümmert – Bass, Back-Up Vocals

Bastian Santen – Drums






“Reality Is A Lie”, Album 2016






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