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Mature, brave and ill-bred ’80s! RIPE offers faithful ’80s heavy metal with a personal expression and direct attitude and delivers a desire to keep the metal scene strong and alive! 

RIPE has existed since 2001 in Copenhagen, and had several different constellations, but has always had its permanent anchor man in Evil bassist Bob Thunder. The style has always been the old school heavy metal and it has never changed. This is also seen by the fact, that the band has been playing with acts such as Pretty Maids and Blaze Bayley and their debut album also includes known names such as Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate, Force of Evil), Billy Cross (Bob Dylan) and Dagfinn Joensen (Fate, Eager To Please).

Are you aware of feelings as frustration, sadness, joy and everything in between, RIPE and their debut “A Moment of Forever” now brings you a collection of text and music which, through deep and honest compositions, gives the listener the opportunity to reflect on themselves and experience cohesion and make his or her mind feel free.

With strong melodies and vocal lines the listener is drawn into a universe which affects the heart and brain with both catchy riffs and a place where expressions and words have free rein. If you are familiar with the need to put words on what you cannot say, the thoughts which you do not want to see the light of day, then this is what you are looking for! – Something that can knock you off your feet and give it all an extra level – this is where RIPE comes in!

RIPE is a dedicated and passionate band talking about basic human themes – on the positive side subjects such as: steadfastness, sexuality and ability to stand by yourself, and the darker aspects of life like: aberrations, despair and failure. RIPE is there for you in the darkest hours and on the brightest days.

RIPE is based in Gladsaxe in studio MonoMono, so the ability to record and create new music is always present. This is understood in the context of the band being so dedicated to music, that they have saved and spent everything they own in order to perform their passion at its possible best. For RIPE – it is a lifestyle – not just a hobby!


Michael Bastholm Dahl – vocals
Jakob Højgård Olsen – guitar
Jeppe Høiby – guitar
Lars Byskov Madsen – bass
Peter Egtved – drums


Ripe - The Eloquence Of Silence - Album Cover - Mighty MusicRIPE – The Eloquence Of Silence

CD – 2012

Danish release: 26.11.2012
European release: 26.11.2012


Ripe - A Moment Forever - Album Cover - Mighty MusicRIPE – A Moment Of Forever

CD – 2010

Danish release: 26.04.2010
European release: 23.08.2010



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