Rising from the ashes of Florida Hardcore torchbearers “Struggle” and “Burn The Kingdom”, SALVATION are determined to unleash their own brand of sonic fury and intensity onto the unsuspecting metal and hardcore masses. Formed in 2013, SALVATION have already established themselves as a force to be reckoned with via their intense live gigs and noteworthy personnel. Frontman / lead vocalist Kimbo Reichard states: “We began as a four piece band as a result of some old friends meeting up at a First Blood / Sleeping Giant gig in St. Pete, but our lineup wasn’t fully realized until the addition of bassist Gary Meskil (Pro-Pain, Crumbsuckers) several months into the game.” The current lineup is capped off with exuberant lead guitarist / pro surfer Steve Boomhower, scene veteran / rhythm guitarist Mike King and hard hitting Orlando drummer Kyle Fowler. Mike King adds: “We’ve come a long way in a very short period of time. Aside from playing some great gigs, we’ve managed to record a full length album and shoot 2 videos with acclaimed NY Director Kirk Farrington (V.O.D., Pro-Pain, Dillinger Escape Plan, Animals As Leaders, etc.). So, we’re excited about what the future holds for SALVATION.”


Their debut album “Resurrect The Tradition” features 11 pummeling tracks which are sure to satisfy even the most discriminating of extreme musical tastes. The opener “Punishment” sets the tone with a mid-paced frenzy of crunchy guitars and pit-worthy breakdowns, while thrashier tracks such as “Death Sentence” and “No Lookin’ Back” showcase the bands versatility while waging war on the listener via an all out aural assault. With a firm understanding as to the ingredients of classic hardcore records, SALVATION meticulously balance their musical onslaught with a healthy dose of lyrical substance. “We wanted to make an album with heart and meaning, something which our inner youth can relate to. The end result is our call to arms” says main songwriter / lead guitarist Steve Boomhower. Staying true to the fundamentals of Hardcore is omnipresent on “Resurrect The Tradition”, yet SALVATION manage to bring a new kind of energy to the table. Bassist Gary Meskil explains: “Considering that my roots are firmly planted in the NYHC scene, I think it’s important for SALVATION to maintain traditional Hardcore values while putting a proverbial fresh coat of paint on things.” Reichard adds: “Our music is what keeps us in check. It’s a lifestyle, not a trend. In a sense, Hardcore is our salvation.”



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