Dirty, blackened death/thrash from Sweden. Fueled by vintage sherry and fresh black pots. Devoted live act in pursuit of the perfect gig. Alternately compared to Aura NoirSatyriconThe Crown and Entombed. This is the sound of the beast, the language of Septekh.

These guys seriously do not give even one hint of a fuck when it comes to unleashing their fury and with lyrics of such an unprecedented nature, you’ve not only got a beast that’s run rampant, but the remnants of a ravaged cage scattered about where it clawed its way to realms unparalleled in metal music.
– New Noise Magazine


David Wikström (Guitar)
Staffan Persson (Drums)
Patrik Janson (Bass) [Live]
Nils GRZNLS Meseke (Vocals)






Pilgrim (2018)


SEPTEKH was formed in the autumn of 2008 in a cramped garage in the rustic suburban area of Norrtuna, Järna, Sweden. As the four very different founding members met creatively they found something unique. Their collective musical effort outshone, outclassed and outpaced the sum of its parts.
The newly sprouted group was ready to gig in record time. The 6 track demo of 2009 is a testament to that period. By the time the band had recorded and released its two firsts Eps (Abyss Records), it moved out of its birthing place into an abandoned smithy out on the Dark Island of Mörkö. Most of the band has at one point or another called it home. Now it exists solely to serve SEPTEKH. Here the PLAN in its philosophical and its LP recorded form (Studio 508 Productions / Abyss Records) was put together piece by trembling piece during countless long nights.

And here we are today. The word is spreading. SEPTEKH lurks in a little red house on a big Dark Island, just off the east coast of Sweden. Secretive and singular. Toiling away at their next feat. Ever conscious of the movements of the beast they’ve nurtured. Our protagonists never rest.


Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V