From the rainy coast of Bergen, Norway, Silver End resides. Founded in 2012, they have had a remarkable journey to where they are now. The band is a result of four guys with completely different musical backgrounds coming together over the common interest of forming a melodic hard-rock band. Their first year was spent writing music and performing small shows in Bergen. Having honed their music, they headed into the studio where they recorded their first album “Beyond Limits”. After releasing their debut album in the summer of 2013, it opened up a lot of doors. Critics and fans loved the album, bigger shows were played, and the year ended with a support gig for Papa Roach at John Dee in Oslo.
The next two years consisted of playing shows and writing a lot of songs, and in the summer
of 2015 they started recording the second album “Spreading Fire”.
Their lead-guitarist at the felt confident that he could produce the album, so the following year was spent perfecting the album. Spreading Fire was released digitally on all of the biggest platforms in June 2016, with a much heavier sound than before. The album was well received by critics and fans alike, and was especially sought after in the YouTube community to be used in music videos. With the rest of the year booked with shows, the band sadly received notice that their lead-guitarist/producer wanted to call it quits and eventually left the band. A fall with shows lined up turned into a frantic scramble to find someone who could replace him. Auditions were held, and at some point it seemed like an unsurmountable task to find someone to fill the void. The band had almost given up all hope when Cata Babut showed up. The final piece of the puzzle were found, at last. He took the challenge head on, and in february 2017 he got his first show as the new lead guitarist of Silver End. The reactions the band got after the show was that he provided a whole new dimension to the music.


Christian Lerø – Vocals/Guitar
Cata Babut – Lead guitar
Lasse Ove Steine – Bass
Iben Christopher Espeseth Hanøy – Drums/vocals


“Spreading Fire”, Album – Sept. 9th 2017







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