The Copenhagen-based black metal band Solbrud, despite having only one album under its belt, have achieved very much for a band with such an extreme sound like theirs. Solbrud have both played on Copenhell, Roskilde Festival, the nationwide Headbangers Ball tour and even been nominated for the Association Of Danish Music Critics award, “Steppeulven” as “Hope Of The Year”

Denmarks most important daily newspaper Politiken gave the debut album “Solbrud” 5 out of 6 points’ and wrote, among other things “Solbrud is the sound of a blood red wedding between a beautiful and almost dreamy expression on one side and a regular hell chaos on the other side with the lead singer Ole Luks jarring hoarse growl and Troels Hjorth thundering nightmare drums as the bloody spearheads. To the untrained ear rips it little in the cerebral cortex in the beginning. But over time it goes right to the heart.”

On September 15th 2014, SOLBRUD is back with their second full-length release – ‘Jærtegn’, where SOLBRUD has increased the intensity further on again four epic and monumental tracks.

With the help of producer Lasse Ballade behind the mixer console, the band has achieved a massive production that serve the dynamics of the infernal sound, and highlights the contrast between light and shade in the long compositions. An evocative mixture which contains both a solid dose malicious classic black metal, as well as more progressive elements in trance-building song structures.

SOLBRUD asked Johnny Stage (who have worked with danish legendary artists such as Martin Hall and Sort Sol) to look back at the roots of punk and metal when they chose him to tape mastering agents album, which has resulted in a well-rounded and raw analog audio sound.

The Danish text universe is based on a medieval aesthetics, and spells thus the essence of our modern world absurdities, and longing for the primitive and earth, while the fiery album cover, with its mysterious figures visualize an album of great strength and depth. Each track has a running time of between 9 and 16 minutes, so SOLBRUD is not exactly delivering easily accessible radio material.



Solbrud-Jærtegn-frontcover-promoSolbrud – Jærtegn

CD / LP  – 2014

WW release: 15 September 2014










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