Souls Of Tide


Have you ever wondered what a 70’s rock band would sound like today?

Souls of Tide is somewhat strangely assembled as the different backgrounds of these six experienced musicians grew from both rock and metal. The members are known from other bands like Trollfest, Wyruz, Sarkom, Porterville, Dead Maple, Matanzick and Opel .This clearly flavors their style and sound to ensure variations within the barriers of rock-genres. Effective songs mixed with catchy choruses are the main ingredient, and the foundation built from bass-lines and drums gets melted together with the breathing Hammond-organ. Cleverly garnished with guitar-leads the path is open for the powerful and edgy vocals to set the mood.

The music can be linked to bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and The Doors, but in a new and exiting wrapping. Souls of Tide have already released an EP since the band originated out of Hamar, Norway early 2014. Late 2015 they signed a deal with Mighty Music and their first release is the  “She’s Dead” single/video.

The full length album named “Join the Circus” was released world wide August 26th, 2016.

Both single and album are produced by the experienced producer Endre Kirkesola who teamed up with the band for one week of recordings at a cabin up in the Norwegian mountains. Isolated away from anything but nature, rock n roll and some alcohol, the band got pushed to its limits which clearly can be heard in the music!


Vegar Larsen – Vocals

Anders Langberg – Guitar

Ole Kristian Østby – Lead Guitar

Øyvind Strõnen Johannesen – Bass

Tommy Kristiansen – Drums

Kjetil Banken – Hammond







Souls of Tide band

Mighty Music

Vesterbrogade 45
1620 Copenhagen V