Tainted Lady is a unadulterated, energetic rock band from Denmark consisting of five passionate musicians in their mid twenties. After being joined by British singer Michael Catton in 2015, Tainted Lady has been collaborating with musician and producer Soren Andersen (Glenn Hughes, Electric Guitars) – and now they are ready to release their debut album “How The Mighty Have Fallen” on May 26th 2017 through Mighty Music.

Learning their craft from bands of different eras of rock like Deep Purple, Aerosmith and The Beatles, the band is always seeking unique ways to arrange and refine their old-school style of playing, to give their songs as much of a personal voice as possible. With a blend of Catton’s distinctive vocals, twin guitar solos, big 70’s inspired vocal harmonies, the five members strongly voice their opinions through their lyrics and are never afraid to speak their minds – Soren Andersen even dubbing their music “rebel-rock”.

“How The Mighty Have Fallen” was written and recorded in 2016 and is the result of intense sessions where the band ended up writing over 35 songs before finally arriving at the ten songs on the album. With a pure live production, the band’s energetic live performances and attitude has been captured for all to experience.  The core of the group have stuck together since they were teenagers, playing in their bedrooms, dreaming of one day releasing a full-length album. Last year they scraped all the money they had together, and made that dream come true in Medley Studios with Soren Andersen.

Vocalist Michael Catton on the title “How The Mighty Have Fallen”:

“The title comes from one of our songs, which sort of ironically pokes fun at the lack of originality in the rock genre today, especially among the established rock bands. But we found that it actually reflects well on most of lyrics on the album, where a general theme is the established vs. the anti-established, the old vs. the new. At the same time it refers to the state of the world in 2017.”

Michael Catton was pulled on stage to sing at Steel Panther’s Danish concert last year, and he ended up featuring on backing vocals on their newest album. Tainted Lady has been touring all over Denmark in recent years, including playing major Danish festivals such as Jelling Musikfestival, Fredericia Rock and Rock Under Broen. They also got the chance to support acts like Deep Purple, Pretty Maids, and Electric Guitars. At the moment they are planning extensive touring in Denmark and Europe throughout 2017-2018, and following the release of their album, Tainted Lady is truly set to make a real impact on the rock scene today.


Michael Catton – Vocals
Jon Roxx – Guitars
Anders Frank – Guitars
Daniel Bach – Bass
Fred Over – Drums





“How The Mighty Have Fallen” – Album, Released May 26th 2017







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