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The End of Rosalina have made their debut album “Black Smoke”, with 11 tracks accumulating a sharp mix of the song structure of Foo Fighters, the heaviness of Clutch and guitar harmonies worthy of Thin Lizzy. The soundscape is hereby painted with the virtues of seventies rock on the background of modern rock culture. Fronted by Jakob Riis, telling stories of trivial fates, and the everyday struggle in a hectic life, we all want to flee sometimes. The foundation is set by the brothers Simon Edwardsen on the drums and Steffan Ravn Edwardsen on bass, while the lead guitar is skilfully handled by Michael Knudsen.

Everything has been written and recorded in the bands own home studio, situated in the garage at the childhood home of the Edwardsen brothers. The End of Rosalina have worked exhaustively over the last 3 years to get every detail right and the final result are 11 intensive songs, each expressing different facets of the sound of the band. That is why the home studio was important, it granted the time and possibilities to bring out the best in every track, on top of that, the childhood home is kept in an authentic 70’s setting, you can almost smell it on the album. The mixing is done by Søren Andersen (Medley Studios, Electric Guitars, D-A-D) and the mastering has been executed by Emil Thomsen (ET Mastering – Turboweekend, Nephew among others), this ensures a quality on par with the new wave of Danish rock bands. Target Group (Volbeat, Kellermensch, Electric Guitars) is on board for the distribution of the album, delivering the best platform to be acknowledged on the Danish rock scene.

The End of Rosalina consists of the 4 always sharp dressed guys – Jakob Riis as lead singer and playing rhythm guitar, Michael Knudsen on lead guitar and backing vocals, Simon Edwardsen on drums and percussions and Steffan Ravn Edwardsen on bass guitar and backing vocals. The well-dressed appearance works as a contrast to the dysfunctional universe where the stories take place, as a reminder of the dualistic nature of humans.

The first single “No Suit is Suitable”, accompanied by a video, will be released on various digital platforms on the 5th of August, as a teaser for the album. A powerful and compelling song, which deals with the period, when Jakob Riis lost his mother to cancer and the difficult times afterwards, trying to create a new life in the shadows of a former life.


Jakob Riis: Vocals + guitars

Michael Knudsen: Lead guitar

Steffan Ravn Edwardsen: Bass

Simon Edwardsen: Drums





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