Wintergarden was initially created by singer/songwriter Miriam Gardner while co-writing and file sharing on the internet with friends from all over the globe.

Miriam quickly involved her guitarist and producer husband Blake Gardner once some promising material began to emerge. The two started consolidating the material into the Wintergarden sound in their own studio which is based in Denmark.

Although the writing part of the project began in Febuary 2011, the band was officially launched in August 2011 with the release of the ‘Steampunk Deluxe’ Ep on their own label Vocal Station.

In support of the Ep, Wintergarden took out the live line up for a handful of shows within Denmark to a great response before returning back into the studio to continue working on new material. Once back in the studio the duo continued collaborating via file sharing but this time worked exclusively with a good friend from Los Angeles, Darren Davis with their sights set on a debut album. During this process a lot of material was collected and produced but was in need of futher development so the single, ‘Sacrifice’ was chosen and released in October 2011, again on Vocal Station.

The single began opening doors to US radio stations who began adding it to their playlists and a rapid internet fan base began to grow also resulting in airplay of the song, ‘No Longer Invited’ from the ‘Steampunk Deluxe’ Ep.

With a great response from the ‘Sacrifice’ single Wintergarden pushed on with the album and added an additional collaboration with Sevendust guitarist, Clint Lowery who Miriam and Blake had met after a show in Copenhagen back in June 2009. Clint loved the Ep and Single and had some great idears which after some swapping back and forth became, the songs ‘Breathe’ and ‘Can You Wait’.

As the album was taking longer than anticipated the song ‘Breathe’ was chosen to be released as a single. At this time Blake had been in contact with Kevin and Kane Churko, Juno award winners (Ozzy / Five Finger Death Punch / In This Moment) from Las Vegas studio The Hideout, in regard to getting an alternative mix. Kane although busy was quite interested in doing a mix for Wintergarden, and fit the band in straight away. This mix of the song ‘Breathe’ was then released as a single in December 2013 on Vocal Station.

The song ‘Breathe’ is currently enjoying radio rotation and has kept the fan base flame alive while the debut album, ‘The New Victorian’ has been completed and are out now.


Miriam Gardner – Vocals
Blake Gardner – Guitar, Bass, Synth, Programming & Production


Miriam Gardner – Vocals
Blake Gardner – Guitar
Darren Davis – Guitar
Stephen Windlow – Bass
Ronnel Guyst – Drums


WINTERGARDEN_The_New_VictorianWINTERGARDEN – The New Victorian

CD – 2014

Worldwide release: 23.06.2014









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