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Black Swamp Water from Silkeborg is old school hard rock and heavy metal with obvious references to the “big” bands of the Golden Decades of Rock (Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd, a.o.), and this resulted in a 5 out of 6 star review in the Danish music magazine Gaffa in December 2014 for their debut EP “Hellride” which is mixed and mastered by Jacob Bredahl (Dead Rat Studio) – and has gotten airplay on radio stations around the world (in Denmark on MyRock and P6 in “Sort Søndag”, a.o.).

The debut album “Chapter One” is written with the same energetic approach to rock music – but the band has matured and garnered valuable live experience in the past 2 years (at Royal Metal Fest 2016 at Voxhall/Atlas in Aarhus, a.o.), and (other than the power rock songs) this has made room for more calm, thoughtful songs and passages on the 11 track album. With this album, the band brings all of their musical inspirations to the table to make the most diverse record possible – a record which is also shock full of grindingly heavy tunes and pure kickass rock ‘n’ roll. In that respect, the goal of the recording is to take the listener on a musical journey through everything from fast and loud to mellow and acoustic – something that is a dying art in this day and age where singles, streams and downloads rule.

The album is mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Antfarm Studio), whose characteristic drum sound is in high standing with particularly drummer Kim Langkjær Jensen. Kim started his drumming career in various death metal bands, such as Dawn of Demise and Koldborn, and he made Tue Madsen’s acquaintance while playing and recording with Danish death metal legends Illdisposed. Other than Kim, the band consists of singer Bjørn Bølling Nyholm, bass player Jeppe Birch Friis, and the two guitarists Jan Geert and Martin Lykke Hansen.


Bjørn Bølling Nyholm – Vocals

Jan Geert & Martin Lykke Hansen – Guitars

Jeppe Birch Friis – Bass

Kim Langkjær Jensen – Drums



“Chapter One” – August 26th, 2016






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