Scandinavian rock- & metal label since 1997

Mighty Music was established in the Autumn of 1997. During the years we have released hundreds of albums, countless singles, thousands of songs published, numerous live events and a helluva lot of merchandise. We have worked and still work with artists from around the globe like Artillery (DK), Tygers Of Pan Tang (UK), Blood Red Throne (NO), Electric Boys (SE), DD Verni (US), Mike Tramp (DK), Solbrud (DK), No Return (FR), Vanir (DK), Statement (DK), Marco Mendoza (US), Dim Mak (US), Panzerchrist (DK), Brutality (US), Blitzkrieg (UK), Forsaken (MA), Lucer (DK), Thorium (DK), Kickin Valentina (US), Transport League (SE), Withering Surface (DK), Liv Sin (SE), Svartsot (DK), Michael Denner (DK) and lots of other great bands. The focus of Mighty Music has always had an international focus and we have worked with artists from around the world including Brazil, Japan, Russia, Slovakia, the UK, the US, Scandinavia and Malta.

In the beginning the label started out as a bedroom operation and slowly but steady developed into one of the more important rock/metal labels in the world. Back in 1997 when Mighty Music was established, the two founders, Bjarke Ahlstrand and Michael H. Andersen already had a handful of years of experience from the international metal scene working with fanzines and releasing underground tapes and 7” EP’s.

In 2003 the tag-team behind Mighty Music established Target Group – www.targetgroup.dk, which today is the mother company with main office in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We have international promotion and marketing teams based in Germany, the US, the UK, France and Portugal. In 2019 Mighty Music signed a worldwide distribution and marketing agreement with SPV out of Hannover, Germany, who now handles all sales, marketing and distribution internationally. Digitally this field is covered by Believe.

In 2019 Bjarke Ahlstrand parted ways with the company, but remains in spirit.

Contact us at info@mightymusic.dk or visit mightymusic.dk/contact

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