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Corona Skies, hailing from Finland, plays hard rockin’ melodic metal. This six-piece delivers a unique mix of smashing guitar riffs, hyper-skilled keyboard athleticism on rock solid rhythm section, completed with powerful multi-layered vocals. With the current line-up, the band has been around since 2009 and played dozens of shows in Finland. Since releasing a self-financed EP in 2011, the band’s songwriting and musicianship have evolved into a whole new level which can be heard on band’s debut album “Fragments of Reality”. From ambient, atmospheric soundscapes to hard-shredding solos and huge orchestrations, the versatility of the album really emphasizes what this band is all about. Although the music itself cannot simply be described in terms of a single genre (yes, we know it’s a cliché), some elements from classic hard rock, power metal, progressive metal and thrash metal are definitely there.

The album production took place at Noise For Fiction Studios in the guidance of Mr. Joona Lukala. The goal was to create an album full of different moods and nuances that would lyrically and thematically reflect different aspects and events of life (hence the album title). The biggest challenge, for better or for worse, was to keep all pieces together, to turn these “fragments” (songs) into an album that is musically coherent and on focus. After countless hours locked in the studio, we can shout it out, loudly and proudly – we reached our goal!


Oskari Salovaara – Vocals
Matias Knuuttila – Guitars
Panu Aho – Guitars
Ville Vihko – Keyboards
Janne Mäkiö – Bass
Petri Heinonen – Drums





“Fragments Of Reality” – Album, November 18th 2016





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